5 Steps to create your own Meditation

Taking some quality me-time to sit down with a cuppa to create your own meditation can be one of the most powerful ways to bring across change and transformation in your life.

More than the meditations that I created for you in this bundle, and also more than any other meditations out there, you'll know that yours will be specifically tailored to exactly YOUR own needs.

You know your own mind best, and you are also the one who is best able to access it and learn what works for you and what doesn't. You know what makes you feel good, what triggers you, what calms your mind and also what lifts you up.

And it's not difficult at all with these 5 steps I'll lead you through.

We'll look at how to define a purpose and intention for your meditation, before doing a little thinking work for you to be able to visualise and find awareness to create a level of frequency that matches your intention. We'll go into the key aspects to consider whilst meditating. Closing your meditation is just as important, so is taking a few moments afterward to spend reflecting.

So put the kettle on, find your notebook and a quiet space to relax in and get started. Enjoy tuning in, lovely one xx

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