A DIY Meditation Project | 5 Simple Steps to Create Your Own

Creating your own meditations, tailored to your specific needs, goals and preferences is a powerful way to bring about change and transformation in your life. More than any other meditations out there, it creates a deep sense of personal connection and resonance. After all, you know your own mind best, and you are also the one who is best able to access it, to know what works for you and what doesn't. You know what makes you feel good, what irritates or triggers you, what calms your mind and also what lifts you up. So I hope you'll enjoy creating your own meditation experience.

And it's easy to create with these 5 steps I'll lead you through.

  1. Set an intention: Why do you want to meditate?
  2. Visualisation: Find clarity & awareness to create a level of frequency that matches your intention.
  3. How to Meditate: key aspects to consider whilst meditating.
  4. Closing your meditation
  5. Reflection & next steps

So, lovely one, put the kettle on, print out the attached journal, find a quiet space to relax in and get started.

And then enjoy tuning in, beautiful soul xx

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