There's a strong medical basis for deep relaxation. There's many studies that show the benefits of up-regulation of energy producing genes, down-regulation of inflammatory pathways. You will cultivate more self-awareness, balance your nervous system, experience heightened intuition and respond less or better to stressful situations that life throws at us.

More specifically, this beautiful bundle will be your friend and support you with:

✔️ any struggles falling or staying asleep

✔️ lack of energy in the morning and resulting challenges to focus and start your day with joy

✔️ You want to learn how to actively control your thoughts for healthier, more positive & peaceful thoughts and habits

✔️ You are ready to consciously step into the role of the powerful creator you know you are

✔️ You once in a while need a gentle reminder that you're not alone in this crazy thing called life. And let's face it, we all do.

Let these meditations guide you to slowly move behind the wheel of your life again, and discover a calm and peaceful place within you, one that's always there.

Feel a sense of 'being held' by my voice and allow yourself to relax deeply. And then notice your Nervous System shift into parasympathetic mode, the state which encourages healing and wellbeing on all levels.

I'll take you by the hand, let's do this together.

For easy and instant access to all past and future meditations in this growing bundle, together with more resources as described below, please purchase the Meditations for Healing & Wellbeing Bundle today.

Guided Evening Meditation
Deep Sleep & Healing


Set yourself up for a deep, restful & nourishing Good Night's sleep for your body and mind to recover, heal and restore itself.

Using some of the most wonderful tools of meditation, such as gratitude practice, body scan, breath focus and heart-centred meditation - I'm taking you on a beautiful journey to deepen relaxation to the peaceful space where time stands still.

A place where there's nothing to do at all. Allow yourself to sink into the silence, peace and spaciousness within the core of yourself.

Mindful Morning
Meditation - a New Day


For all the dark and cold mornings that make it so difficult to get out of bed.

I'll guide you through a beautiful Breathing and Mindfulness Meditation, followed by a gentle yet powerful talk to get you out of bed with joy, reminding you of all the good stuff that awaits you today.

Empower yourself, knowing you are able to consciously choose your thoughts and gradually start shifting toward more empowering, uplifting and energizing ones, the moment you wake up, feeling strong and

ready to take on the day.

Guided Meditation
for Peace


Use the practice of mindfulness as a tool to help bridge the divide, by becoming aware of your thoughts, feelings, reactions and habitual patterns - those of yourself as well as observing others around us.

So that you're able to stay centred throughout your day. To build effective and peaceful communication without judgement, without the need to react, or feel triggered having your buttons pushed.


for Courage


It sometimes takes real courage and strength to navigate this crazy life. And in this Meditation we're honouring exactly that within us all.

With the help of various meditation tools, we'll root our energy down, honour our breath to reconnect to our Self.

And by doing so, we're creating and building a strong foundation, that underpins all we do, so that we can move ahead with renewed energy, strength and courage. And an open heart too. 



Let's raise our frequencies and become aware of all the many things and people who enable us to generate the powerful energy of gratitude and appreciation with us.

Be guided to experience the powerful effects for your body and mind, effecting change within the nervous system and your ability to activate your natural healing capacities.

Do this one often, make it a non-negotiable part of your daily routine. It may just change your life for the better.


Meditation for
Deep Relaxation


Meditation awakens our capacity to relax deeply, to settle down and gently sink through the layers of the racing mind. Once we drop in, we can find a peaceful silence within that allows the physical, mental and emotional bodies to soften and relax deeply.

Enjoy this beautiful meditation as you discover an endless stillness within whilst getting more familiar with the consciousness that weaves through it all.

Thank you, gorgeous soul!

I feel honoured and blessed to have you be ready to join me. I look forward to seeing you reap the benefits for your body, mind and soul.