Group Ritual ✨ Welcome to our Weekly Live Meditations

Did you know ... that when individuals attend a live concert and listen to music as a group, their brain waves synchronize – a bond that indicates each individual is having a better time as part of a collective!?

So when we meditate together, we get better together!?!

I'm so excited to be creating this weekly group meditation, to come together with you and explore and reap the many benefits of a regular practice, not just for ourselves, but our collective consciousness, our world as a whole.

The healing powers of a group are amplified and as such so powerful. We can create a deeper meditation experience, can direct greater healing energy flow towards healing something or someone we feel strongly about. Real-life connections bring us closer to others (even though only via zoom for now), and they also help us grow as individuals. We hold ourselves accountable for showing up and give support purely by our presence, holding that space for each other.

And as we meditate together and strengthen our practice, our brainwaves will also synchronise, creating a ripple effect that benefits not just us, though also our immediate environment, as well as the world further afield.”

Rise and shine! ✨✨✨ Join our new weekly meditation, every Friday morning 7-7.30am UK time.

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Welcome Message from Eva:

Before joining the next session, please watch the following short intro, a little welcome message from me to you, so that we can make the most out of the 30mins we have together.

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