Happy Hips & Hamstrings Challenge

Get yourself a dose of goodness for your hips and hamstrings - feel great, be challenged and enjoy the journey to cultivate more strength and spaciousness in your hips and hamstrings.

3 days to go!

We're starting tomorrow! Here's what to do to get ready:

Day #1. Let's do this. Here you go. 10mins. It'll be over before you know it. So breathe and enjoy moving, getting stronger and more flexible too. (10mins)

Day #2. A supine Cool Down. Enjoy! (8mins45)

Day #3. Coming up. We're flying! How are you feeling today?

Day #5 Today's focus: Strength & Mobility.

Day #6 Cool Down - one huge part of the puzzle.

Day #7. Better Balance equals not just better running. It means better balance in body and mind too. So that we don't react as quickly, and also come back home to our centred self more quickly.

Day #8. Because strength and mobility helps us stand tall, confident and always remember who we are at the deepest most level of our beautiful selves.

Day #9. A gentle flow to shift and release. With ease.

Day #10. And with one last cool down, we're nearing the end of this challenge. Enjoy it to the fullest!

And there you go. This 10 day challenge is officially over! You've committed yourself to follow through and you did it! What a great achievement and another step towards more strength, stability, mobility and of course flexibility too. In body and mind. Really well done lovely!

If you've enjoyed it, please take a moment to let a friend know about this challenge. Anyone you think could benefit from a little more love and self-care in their lives.

What's next?

Don't interrupt your momentum you just created! If you've not completed my 6 day Core Challenge, get started today!

And beyond that, there's so much more goodness inside the platform.

Come join me when you're ready!

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