About Eva

Hello lovely,

My name is Eva and I'm a Yoga & Meditation teacher, based in Bristol/UK. 

I've been teaching Yoga for over a decade and started practicing over 15 years ago - as recommended by my sister as a result of some challenging times. I'll tell you more about this another day.

Life has a tendency to throw us curveballs when we least expect it, right?

By regularly tuning inwards we learn so much about ourselves, and we get to be better equipped to navigate these rollercoaster times to play this game called life.

For me personally, Yoga & Meditation have been a saving grace in some tough times in so many ways over the years, and I'm really grateful, excited and also humbled to be able to share the goodness with you and everyone who's coming to my classes.

Apart from reducing job related stress and anxiety, I noticed quickly how practicing Yoga improved my Running hugely. I got stronger, physically, but also mentally and emotionally - I got more confident, I believed in myself and felt I could take on the world. As if I had stepped up my life in literally all aspects of it. My curiosity peaked as I shaved off just under 40mins off my Marathon time. You have NO idea how excited I was! :)

So in a way, I started my Meditation practice as a Moving Meditation through my love for running. Being out there in nature, running when possible on trails somewhere in the hills - it's so therapeutic. I love these moments where you get lost in that complete focus on your next step ahead, the fresh air and being absolutely immersed in the beauty of it all.

Repetitive movement beautifully lends itself a very meditative quality. 

Maybe you've noticed this yourself, whenever you are doing an activity you love - whether that's sports or music, playing an instrument - learning the scales, up and down, over and over... Passionate about what we do, it's easy then to forget about time and space. Escaping the often stressful times and routines of our lives.

Yoga offers a type of movement therapy that has us focus on our body's sensations, including our breath - one of THE most powerful tools we can use when we first embark on our Yoga and Meditation journey.

In the Yoga practice, we're asked to notice our breathing, our thoughts, our emotions when we move into difficult postures and positions and movements. And BE with them. Sit with them. Without drowning them, without fighting them or without running away from them. By doing that we're creating a larger container to hold life's challenges without having to react the way we habitually do. So slowly slowly, we're creating change in our bodies, as well in our minds and our lives.

The simple action of tuning in and noticing gives us such huge insight into our own psyche, our own soul, that is so powerfully connecting us deeper to our inner core, our higher Self and, if you're so inclined, to the Universe as well.

It's that inward journey we will focus on, to get to know ourselves better in a very intimate way, with all our habitual patterns, tendencies and ways of thinking and being in the world.

My own story

When I was 36/37, my body seemingly out of the blue went into early menopause - I had absolutely NO idea what was happening to me. Though it for sure turned my whole life upside down for the next two to three years:

Insomnia, anxiety amplified by sleepless nights, debilitating joint aches and pains, and the "popular", yet for me only dreaded hot flashes.

All are really good reasons to start a yoga and meditation practice as it will give you tools to manage these rollercoaster times, but also to stop fighting and stop resisting. Stop wanting to hold on and cling to expectations of a life that was no longer mine to live.

Of course, there was a period of grief which I still sometimes revisit now. But I'm not in a space of suffering anymore. I can allow it to be there, sit with it for a while and then let it ripple through.

"This too shall pass"

Especially my Meditation practice offered me a way to let life be a little easier, less painful and the best bit of it, more peaceful.

I started to feel like I was finally able to breathe deeply again.

Meditation became a real necessity for me that allowed me to continue functioning in my life and not only that. It helped me improve my mental health, rather than continuing the scary feeling that I was slowly loosing my mind.

If you've never meditated before, join our monthly guided meditations, live, or listen to the recordings I'll upload afterwards.

I believe that Peri/Menopause is something we're not educated well enough before it kicks in. Yet know there are many many practitioners, teachers, nurses and support groups etc who are there to support you.

You are not alone.

It is a process, and the beginnings aren't always noticeable. If you're in your mid/late thirties - you might already be transitioning into the perimenopause phase.

Worry not, lovely ones, there's a ton of things you can cultivate now in order for the symptoms not being as intense as they might otherwise turn out and to consider and work towards being able to reframe your perception of what Menopause is actually about.

I'd love to encourage you to view the changes that will happen within your body and mind not as a nuisance you have to endure. But as something empowering, something so powerful that's leading you towards a more positive, liberating new freedom within that next chapter of your life being a beautiful, strong women.

On our holistic healing adventure together, I would love to explore our journey a little deeper in that sense, so any modalities we'll look at, I'll be sure to put some emphasis on this transition. So that we can find what resonates and include more of the goodness into our lives.

Right then. Let's finally get started!

Thank you for being here.

I'll see you in the next section which is all about Yoga. Get started today. Be gentle. Move mindfully. And above all, enjoy connecting deeper with your beautiful self along the way xxx

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