It is the season to celebrate kindness, love, compassion and gratitude...

Yet a lot of times, we forget about the most important person in our life: Ourselves.

We have a tendency to be so critical with is ourselves. Judgemental and sadly oftentimes even very cruel too. In the way we think about or talk to ourselves. You wouldn’t talk to your best friend like that, would you?

Take these next 12 days to fill yourself up with messages of love, kindness, empowerment, gratitude and creativity - to stop the negative self-talk and maybe also to start letting go of some of the limiting beliefs you're unconsciously holding on to.

I'll take you by the hand and invite you to lift yourself up, to empower yourself by shifting your thoughts and focus. One day at a time. Start dreaming again.

Start to unravel the confidence and the love within you, and the magnificence that you are. Because you are a powerful creator of your own life.

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12 Days ... a little different

Messages to your Higher Self

Start each day with a little more joy, lightness

and kindness towards yourself.

Tune in daily to listen to these short but powerful Mini-Meditation prompts & contemplations. To empower and lift yourself up, and strengthen the bond with the most important person you’ve got in your life:

Your gorgeous self.